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  1. Make Change Responsibility easier to use  ·  Review/Planning

  2. Add data fields to record deductible, deductible met and copays for multiple levels of service.  ·  Review/Planning

  3. Allow users to search for a patient by responsible party  ·  completed


  5. Allow providers to use Dragon to enter text, have discrete data recognition  ·  Voting Closed

  6. UDS Table 7 Data should come from EMR not from PM Patient Details  ·  completed

  7. Scheduled visits display more patient data  ·  completed

  8. Add template for social determinants based on the PRAPARE guide  ·  completed

  9. Birth history Recorded By instead of Responsible Physician  ·  Closed

  10. last appointment fix  ·  Closed

  11. Aging report - We need to have capability to select aging from and to dates in selection criteria  ·  Review/Planning

  12. Auto Payment Posting Report like EB Summary Report  ·  Voting Open

  13. Flow Sheet concept  ·  Voting Closed

  14. Provide the ability to actually publish document you are looking at from Portal Updates on Desktop  ·  completed

  15. History Template - Add more categories  ·  Closed

  16. PHQ9 Addition for NQF-0418 & NQF-0712 Measures  ·  completed

  17. Convert Vitals to DX and CPT for encounter data incentives  ·  Closed

  18. Locking Search Arguments  ·  Voting Open

  19. Minors  ·  Voting Open

  20. LOCK an ERA file when someone starts to post to it so another user cannot access it and result in duplicate posting  ·  Closed

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