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  1. Export Service Area Report (and other UDS reports) to Excel Format with "Save Rows As"  ·  Voting Open

  2. Contradictory checkboxes  ·  completed

  3. change the way we handle Min Balance and Min Amt Due in statement window  ·  Voting Open

  4. Changes needed for the Anesthesia Concurrence Report  ·  Voting Open

  5. Copy existing patient insurance plan information to new patient with same insurance information  ·  completed

  6. Patient Portal Passwords stored with a hash  ·  Closed

  7. Reporting Enhancement to help practice better track posted items for Practice Revenue Sharing  ·  Closed

  8. Discrete clinical data import from patient portal or kiosk  ·  completed

  9. Chargeslip mail merge  ·  Closed

  10. Check amount included in Auto Payment Posting Files dropdown  ·  Closed

  11. Allow Default Plans Sets to be User Defined by Practice  ·  completed

  12. Patient intake data that has number values.  ·  Closed

  13. Patient Detail  ·  completed

  14. Provide user defined merge fields for all letter types  ·  Closed

  15. Sequence Based Collection Balance displayed  ·  Closed

  16. When entering Family History, reorganize the data fields  ·  completed

  17. "Mail" Button on Within "Attachments" on Desktop  ·  Closed

  18. Ability to default Location type in Encounter Header  ·  Closed

  19. Improve tracking of appointments that have certain date restrictions/fields with options to view last date of specific procedures  ·  Closed

  20. AutoPayment setup option not to set status to print  ·  Closed

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